Digital corporate protection for buildings

The protection of buildings and objects, as well as lives and other personal property, is the most important aspect in electronic security technology. Not only in large cities, but especially in the suburbs and in the countryside, break-ins occur very often, which not only cause material damage, but often also leave lasting traces in the lives of the people affected. It is safer to live in your own home if an alarm system is installed as a precaution, which can prevent a break-in in many cases.

Our systems work perfectly and build trust.

Should an adverse event occur, the system will emit a loud alerting audible signal outside the property to alert you and nearby passers-by to the incident. An easily recognizable, permanently working light signal (LED flashing light), ideally directed towards the street front, indicates a dangerous situation in the building. The digital transmission device informs you and the security service. Depending on the setting, it automatically dials the number of a security service that can take necessary measures as requested. Burglars don't want to cause a stir, and a facility like this will convince them to abandon their plans in advance and look for another property that is "easier to visit."
Basically, all systems have the primary goal of preventing a potential break-in and protecting and preserving your property in the event you are away from home. But even if they are present, the system offers a high level of protection for their lives and that of their family.
For the system components we use, you receive a binding guarantee that goes beyond the normal legal guarantee. 100% – a promise is a promise!

Image source: Telenot GmbH – Product: Complex 200H – System

Graphical touch control panel – multi-page, clear and very easy to use.

How do you protect yourself? Do you think about it in advance and act preventatively? Or maybe you let it go and think “It only affects others!”? Attention, ...unfortunately it doesn't - because it's just a question of not if it will happen, but when - we get evidence of it every day! So take action before break-ins and vandalism occur. Preserve what you stand for, what you have built. Protected by our professionally installed digital security systems, the most innovative but easy to use alarm systems on the European market.
  • 100% Made in Germany – developed and produced
  • VdS recognized and system approved, in classes A, B, C and Home
  • Conforms to DIN VDE 0833-1/3 and DIN EN 50131-1
If you would like to have a really good alarm system installed in your company, we will provide you with professional and helpful support and will be happy to provide advice on site. This allows us to ensure that we put together a suitable security system that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the property and you as a user.