Digital knob profile cylinders and door handles can be configured very individually. They are suitable for large companies, for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for start-ups and public institutions. Anywhere where “keys” need to be managed intelligently and conveniently.

Organize access using EasyLifeKey® with TwinChip® technology

We offer you the installation and configuration of digital knob profile cylinders and door handles according to your business needs. This makes it possible to set access in different ways - for certain times of day, individual days of the week, weekly programs, etc. The key manager can then change a configuration himself using special user software that can be purchased. A modern electronic locking cylinder that works digitally can be configured not only on site, but also on the go using an app or a PC system. This means you remain independent in your decisions and can adapt the automated systems individually to your new needs at any time.

Functions of an electronic locking cylinder with transponder

The functions are individual and diverse. Configure access for a person or group of people at a specific time of day or grant only specific employees permissions to enter the building at any time of the day or night. Weekend and holiday programs enable the door to be permanently locked and manual access to be established for authorized persons.
Since the data is recorded digitally, you receive a comprehensive evaluation of all access rights that you have distributed and their use. This means that you can track which transponder was used at what time.

Integration into (almost) all doors

  • Office building entrances

  • Interior office doors

  • Glass doors

  • metal doors

  • Heavy storage doors

  • Garden doors and gates

  • Cellar doors

  • Garage controls

  • and much more

Basically, you can integrate our digital profile knob cylinder or digital door handle into almost any door. The size and shape are adapted to standardized profile door locks. This means that a conventional mechanical lock profile can be easily replaced due to its standardized design. The same is true with our digital door handle.

Organize your access securely with digital door handles and profile locking cylinders - digital system locking systems with EasyLifeKey® technology.

  • Access for certain times of day, for the weekend or for individual weekdays, weekly programs
  • Overview of all access rights
  • Can be integrated into almost every door

Smart to handle, easy to use – with ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS

Easy Life Key ® – The smart brand for digital knob profile cylinders, door handles and access control systems.

Choose our Easy Life Key ® knob profile cylinders and digital locking and access systems if you want to meet your requirements in terms of quality, longevity and functionality. Professionally installed, programmed and then optimally serviced by us, these digital locking systems are safe, robust and resilient.


If desired, we will develop visual corporate identity accents tailored to your needs, in relation to your company logo or knob cylinder colors.


We rely on true premium technology 100% MADE IN GERMANY.


The supplier (manufacturer) of our digital knob profile cylinders, door handles and locking systems, Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH (U&Z), was founded in 1990. An innovative medium-sized company in southern Germany that has made an excellent name for itself on the German and international market for more than 30 years with the development of innovative digital locking systems and access system products in Europe.
Benefit personally from this know-how, our many years of experience, as well as our professional service, which will certainly make your life stress-free and worry-free - including comfort and ease!