Secure logistics and warehouses – alarm system, intelligently combined with a digital access system

In order to reliably secure warehouses, the use of a digital access system with a linked alarm system is probably the safest and most convenient solution . Warehouses are often frequented by many people. Special building protection is necessary here, which the Berlin security company ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS GmbH makes possible through its special combination of corporate protection, an alarm system and a very convenient digital access system. These two elements in a “connected world” make the life of the entrepreneur and decision-maker simpler, easier and safer.

With its location away from residential developments, the company's security also decreases. If logistics and warehouses are inadequately secured, your company is at risk in multiple ways. On the one hand, the loss of material assets pose a threat to the existence of your company . On the other hand , theft can lead to the loss of customers . The trust of your business partners is based on the security of the storage of these goods, which is the most important basis of business relationships .



Conventional methods , such as using a mechanical locking system with a large number of keys, are not sufficient for the security of your company. In addition, this security technology with key management is no longer up-to-date for companies. If there are many keys in circulation, the risk of loss or misuse increases , and administration requires significantly more effort than an electronic digital lock or access system with transponders. As a supplement to the alarm system, digital access control is particularly important.

Alarm system plus digital access system secures your warehouse


The solution from ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS is a special building protection because we connect the alarm system with a comfortable and easy-to-use digital access system. As the owner of a warehouse or logistics hall, you receive an exclusive security solution for commercial properties with our alarm system.

This is coupled with the digital access system Easy Life Key ® from ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS. This digital combination is the most modern way to protect your warehouse with a comprehensive security system. Due to its easy handling, clear administration and low maintenance costs, this method is ideal for warehouses or logistics halls with many employees and different authorizations. Easy Life Key® from ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS are used The digital key authorizations can be flexibly granted separately for each employee or supplier and for each access and each part of the building.

Digital keys with TwinChip®
from Easy Life Key ® are the “key of the future”

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The TwinChip® transponders developed by ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS in the field of digital security technology under the Easy Life Key® rely on proven RFID technology. They are robust, reliable and manufactured to excellent quality - in Germany. If a transponder is lost, the finder or thief will not recognize the company, the building or the appropriate entrances that belong to it. The authorizations associated with the transponder cannot be identified. The digital key can be blocked centrally immediately after it is lost, making it worthless to an unauthorized user.


The Easy Life Key ® system with TwinChip® transponder not only makes it easier to manage and control access, but also makes it more secure. The advanced transponders, which are based on the RFID technology used millions of times, cannot be copied. They can be encrypted in advance for certain alarm systems (manufacturer: TELENOT) before delivery. It is also possible to incorporate two or more security encryptions in one Easy Life Key ® for different objects or applications from different system manufacturers.

More security through simple user management


Since our company ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS has been active in the security industry for more than 26 years, we can continually incorporate our experience in product development in a contemporary manner. Our TwinChip® technology is also compatible with older RFID systems and at the same time future-oriented. The technology covers around 90 percent of European RFID applications. In addition to security technology for your warehouse or logistics halls such as alarm systems and access systems, you can use other applications with this technology. Barriers, time recording and attendance systems can be controlled with it and you can even use it to enable transponder-based electric charging stations for charging.


Using our digital access system is easy and intuitive, “even alpacas understand them”. After our installation, you will receive instructions and professional support so that you can immediately make optimal use of all the advantages for your company.

When storing large quantities of high-quality goods, company and building protection therefore plays a greater role than with many other company buildings. The risk is particularly high due to the incoming and outgoing movement of goods and the large number of our own or possibly third-party employees.

Conventional methods, such as using a mechanical locking system with a large number of keys, are often not sufficient to ensure the security of your company. In addition, this security technology with key management is no longer up-to-date for companies. If there are many keys in circulation, the risk of loss or misuse increases and management requires more effort than an electronic lock or chip access system. As a supplement to the alarm system, access control is particularly important.


There are no limits to the number of employees and access options. The digital security system can be scaled as required, so that access security can grow with the company and the number of employees. All permissions can as desired and at any time . Problems such as lost or stolen keys are a thing of the past and can be resolved safely and quickly with a click of the mouse.

Simple combination of alarm systems and access system


By connecting the alarm system with the digital access system, your warehouses and logistics halls as well as the associated office spaces are ideally protected. As soon as someone tries to enter your building without permission, the alarm system or access system goes off. The security guard is notified immediately and can react immediately and precisely according to previously agreed measures - 24/7, 365 days a year. You will also be well informed thanks to a message on your smartphone in real time. Your company is optimally secured by connecting an alarm system with our access system.


The security of your buildings, such as warehouses and logistics halls, is in the best hands with us. Invest now in an alarm system with our connected digital access system. The costs are easy for you to calculate because it is not a rental model.

For 24-hour activation of the system, we recommend our long-standing and reliable partner Wachschutz Security Nord.


This one-time investment in the security of your building and company is a reliable and smart solution. Ie less stress and wasted time. You'll save your nerves and save money.


So that we can discuss the security concept together with security requirements and access regulations tailored to your needs, please contact us here.


We would be happy to arrange an initial consultation appointment with you on site, because our services are consultation-intensive and tailor-made. In the Berlin and Brandenburg area, we are your partner for excellent problem solutions through combined digital alarm and access systems. We offer you a reliable all-in-one package – Made in Germany.

Founder & Managing Director Thomas Ricken

ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS GmbH has 4.87 out of 5 stars 56 reviews on