Successfully secure office spaces with an alarm system and a digital access system – all-in-one

For many companies and start-ups, offices are the most important resource after employees. Here you can find company data and sensitive information from employees and customers, important documents on projects and business partners and usually expensive technology. Protecting all of these resources should be your top priority. With a modern alarm system and the combined digital EasyLifeKey ® access system from German development and production, the protection for your office is perfect.

You need a solution for your company that promises the highest level of security. At the same time, your company's protection must be flexible and easily adapt to new conditions. This includes simple and convenient management of the access system and alarm system settings for your company. Because managing keys puts an unnecessary burden on your administration. The connection to a modern alarm system cannot be solved or can only be solved unsatisfactorily.

From ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS you get both access systems and alarm technology from a single source. We rely on self-developed transponders that are manufactured in Germany and take your security system to the next level. As an entrepreneur, you have less stress , you save time reduce your expenses with this one-off purchase .

Security for offices and employees

Companies and start-ups should be secured, regardless of their size. We protect your property reliably with the technical equipment and our know-how. The focus is on the safety of your employees and the protection of your resources such as sensitive data and technical equipment.

Our protection of your office begins with detailed control of access to office spaces and departments. Not all employees should have access to the different work areas. With the digital access system from ICS SECURITY SYSTEMS you can easily control access individually. You can change or revoke your permissions at any time.

You can also assign and revoke temporary access rights for guests, customers and visitors. Our around-the-clock protection for companies and their employees ensures a high level of security for your office.

Alarm systems for more building security

This security is perfected by a coupled alarm system with the latest technology and a professional 24/7 monitoring service. Sensors detect attempted break-ins as well as a power failure. In this case, a battery-powered failure system provides bridging.

If an alarm is triggered, for example by an attempted break-in, the authorities are automatically informed and you receive a notification on your smartphone.

Our security system grows with your company, it is variable and scalable. Whether your company is a start-up that starts with a few employees and then grows “explosively” or an established company with continuous growth only plays a minor role for us. Our digital security system scales and adapts to developments.

This potential for growth also applies spatially, both to the digital access system and to our alarm systems. This means that office rooms and departments in different parts of the building can be recorded, but also office rooms at different locations. Easily expand our security system to a new office in your neighborhood or at a remote location.

Changed data can be imported into our access systems in different ways. You can transfer the data offline directly to any door or other component in the access system. Or you can use online administration with which data can be played out from a central point (for example via a terminal) and, if desired, via radio. With the online version you also have the option of importing data directly and without a network.

TwinChip® transponder – our brand Easy Life Key ®

The TwinChip® transponders developed by our Easy Life Key® rely on the proven, secure RFID technology Mifare DESFire and Legic Advant. The transponders are of high quality, development and design as well as final production take place in Germany - for a Digital Europe. They are robust and reliable. Our transponders use a passive reading process without a battery and are therefore not “listenable”. This quality guarantees your safety, the latest technology and longevity. If a transponder is lost, your office space remains protected: neither the relevant company nor the building or the entrances can be recognized by the transponder.

The reliable and innovative system is easy to use, it relieves your administration, reduces costs and reduces stress. You can make changes at any time and from anywhere via an app on your smartphone. If you lose a digital key, you can block it immediately without restricting other users.

Safe – but open to customers and visitors

It's not just your employees who enjoy convenient and secure access to your office rooms. Customers also appreciate how easy it is to use our digital EasyLifeKey ® access system.

The installation of the digital access system and alarm system is done quickly and easily by our experienced and continuously trained technicians. The security technology in your company will be ready for use in no time. Your investments in the security of your company or start-up are unique: neither the access system nor the alarm system incur monthly costs. Additional costs only arise when new employees or office space are added. We can recommend an efficient partner company we trust for security protection.

Excellent problem solving through on-site advice

Together with you, we will develop your solution, a business building protection and access concept with individually tailored security requirements and access regulations. By combining digital alarm and access systems, we are the partner for excellent business-oriented problem solutions. We offer you a reliable all-in-one package, Made in Germany.